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Comparison Against Other Form Libraries

We know that we're not the only choice in the React ecosystem for form validation libraries. Let's compare HouseForm to some of the other popular libraries.

We wrote a long-form explanation explaining why we build HouseForm and are using it over other form libraries here:

Formik Works Great; Here's Why I Wrote My Own

That said, here's a quick recap of why you might choose HouseForm over other React forms libraries.

HouseForm vs. Formik

HouseForm vs. React Hook Form

HouseForm vs. React Final Form

We've yet to run benchmarks comparing HouseForm to React Final Form.

If you'd like to help us with this, please open an issue.

* Sizes of bundles were taken in February 2023 and are subject to change as time goes on.

Want to expand this section? Open an issue with more details.